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Scott Wozniak, CEO of Swoz Consulting, has consulted with leaders on six continents, including Silicon Valley startups, family enterprises and Fortune 500 companies. Scott is a member Mensa (international high IQ society), reads over 200 books each year and has written three books.

Scott started his career as a child actor, performing on stages to tens of thousands per show and even had a role on an NBC Christmas Special. After a degree in Musical Theater Performance and more professional work, he realized the stage wasn’t his calling. So he went to work for Focus on the Family, then various youth ministry positions, then pastoral roles. Along the way, he discovered the critical role that leadership, systems and strategy play in accomplishing the mission (good intentions were insufficient).

This led him to business books, conferences, and ultimately, he earned a master’s degree in business with an emphasis in Organizational Leadership and has worked with some of the leading brands of our time, from Silicon Valley “unicorns” to Nucor Steel. In the middle of this chapter of his career, he also spent eight years as a full-time employee at the Chick-fil-A headquarters, working directly with the founding family and executive team to design leadership development programs, set strategy, and lead company-wide upgrades—and though he is not an employee there anymore, he regularly consults with them.

Scott lives in Atlanta with his wife and four children. In his spare time, he pushes his boundaries through a variety of extreme sports, from heli-skiing to kitesurfing.


“Before another minute goes by, I have to stop and tell you that you gave my team a gift when you came and shared.  Folks are still buzzing about your message, the ‘intellectual food’ that you provided to them, and the catalytic jumpstart that many of them needed.”

–Woody Faulk, VP of Marketing, Chick-fil-A, Inc.

Scott is a great storyteller! How to Fail as a Leader is not only a great story about leadership but entertaining as well.  It’s not often when you have fun reading a book and get to learn important lessons about leading at the same time.

-Howard Behar, President of Starbucks International, Retired

"Scott is a speaker who is so captivating that 3 hours feels as if it was 30 minutes long. He engages his audience with dialogue that is thought provoking as well as entertaining, not a one directional lecture but a two-way discussion. His ability to virtually present an entire program seemed effortless to his audience."

- Allegra Johnson, Managing Director, Club Management Assocation of Georgia 


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