Sangram Vajre

Co-Founder of Terminus and GTM Partners, host of a top 50 business and marketing podcast, MOVE: A Go To-Market podcast, Pioneer and Best Selling Author of MOVE

Sangram Vajre grew up in a small town in India with a family of 20, sleeping on the roof and counting stars. He is often reminded that we should reach for stars but never forget the gift of life.

At the age of 25 and with just $350 in his pocket, Sangram moved to the United States to complete a Masters from the University of Alabama. He went on to lead marketing at Pardot, and soon after, co-founded his first startup that has grown into a multi-million dollar company.

Sangram co-founded Terminus, which hit $1M in the first year and within 6 years, they raised over $120M, growing to over 300employees and ranking No.21 on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 list and best places to work. Most recently, Sangram co-founded GTM Partners and is helping companies create efficient growth with modern GTM playbooks.

Host of MOVE: A Go-To-Market podcast with over 1000 episodes, this is the top 50 business podcast for marketing and sales leaders with over half a million downloads.

An established author, his newest book on how successful companies go-to-market called MOVE is a WallStreet Journal and USA Today best seller.

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Signature Topics

Flip My Funnel: How to think of GTM challenging the status quo.

Business of Community: 10 rules of building a community, not a commodity.

3Ds to Peak Leadership: How dreamers, doers, and drivers achieve peak performance.


“We booked Sangram as our keynote not once, but twice. Yes, he’s that good.”

- David Cancel, CEO, Drift

“Brilliant and entertaining.”

- Ryan Boccini, CMO, G2

"Real-world stories that were both highly relatable, and actionable."

- Jay Baer, CEO, Convince & Convert

"Sangram’s presentation exceeded our expectations. He is an excellent speaker, very easy to relate to and understand, everyone was abuzz with praise and enthusiasm after his event."

- Emily Ceo, Strategy Planning Manager for Global Professional Services, FIS Global

"Sangram's talk on Go to Market strategies really aligned in a meaningful way with the direction our company is going in. He delivered the right content at the right time, and his talk was super engaging with high energy.  Our team thought it was GREAT!"  

- Eric Olson, Chief Marketing Officer, Quickbase 

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