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An internationally known writer and speaker, Phil Cooke has produced media programming in more than 60 countries around the world.  Phil sees what’s changing in the culture and then helps Christian leaders navigate those changes. Technology, creativity, leadership – the world is changing faster than ever, and his focus and passion is to help the Church understand how to survive and thrive in this new world.

If you have a powerful message or story that could influence the world, media producer, consultant, and author Phil Cooke will teach you what you need to know about creativity, communication, Hollywood, media, culture, and the faith to make it happen.

His latest book, “The Way Back”, co-written with Jonathan Bock, focuses on how Christianity has lost its credibility in the culture, why our values are disappearing, and why our strategies of the last 30 years have failed to stop it.  We go all the way back to the Early Church to find out what we’ve been missing and how to change people’s perception of Christians, the Church, and our faith.


Phil Cooke has produced TV and film programming in more than 60 countries around the world, and in the process, been shot at, survived two military coups, fallen out of a helicopter, and in Africa, been threatened with prison. And during that time – through his company Cooke Pictures in Burbank, California – he’s helped some of the largest Christian and nonprofit organizations in the world use the media to tell their story in a changing, disrupted culture.

Phil was Executive Producer of “Let Hope Rise – the Hillsong Movie” released to theaters nationwide, and Producer of “The Insanity of God” a feature documentary that premiered nationally as a Fathom Event. According to former CNN journalist Paula Zahn, Phil is rare – a working producer in Hollywood with a Ph.D. in Theology. He’s appeared on NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, Fox News, and his work has been profiled in the New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

He’s lectured at universities like Yale, University of California at Berkeley, UCLA, and many more.  In addition to writing his blog at, he’s contributed to The Huffington Post, Fast Company,,, and

Phil is on the Advisory Board for The Salvation Army, a Board Member of Image Journal and The Hollywood Prayer Network and has been a long time member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and The Producers Guild of America in Hollywood.

His philosophy? Get your ideas out there, and change the world in the process.


“The gospel message is sacred. The medium isn’t. Every generation needs to find new ways of creatively communicating the truth. And every generation needs media-prophets like Phil Cooke. The Last TV Evangelist is a must-read for anyone who is tired of living within the comfortable confines of the Christian Bubble, as Phil calls it, and really wants their voice to be heard in the culture-at-large. Bravo!”
– Mark Batterson, Lead pastor of National Community Church and Author of The Circle Maker and Wild Goose Chase


Phil Cooke’s book “Jolt!: Get the Jump on a World That’s Constantly Changing.” shares his secrets of making today’s culture of disruption and change work for you.  “One Big Thing: Discovering What You Were Born to Do” helps you find the great purpose and calling for your life – and was named by the Washington Post as one of the Top Five Business Books for 2012.  His book, “Unique:  Telling Your Story in the Age of Brands and Social Media” is changing the way churches, ministries, and nonprofits engage today’s culture with their story.

His latest book co-written with Jonathan Bock is “The Way Back: How Christians Blew Our Credibility and How We Win it Back.” It takes a hard look at why today—particularly in the media—Christians are dismissed as irrelevant. Cooke and Bock show the Christian community how we can once again astonish our critics, and in doing so, completely transform the world for good.

Author and designer of a new daily planner, he is exploding the myth that only some people are born creative.  Phil believes everyone is born wildly creative, but if we don’t exercise that muscle, we’ll start to lose it. Phil helps audiences re-ignite and re-activate their creativity to help them breakthrough the boundaries and obstacles in their lives.


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