Natalie Born

Consultant, Author, Keynote Speaker, Podcaster

Natalie Born is a Principal Consultant with Arch + Tower, a keynote speaker,  and the host of a top 25 innovation podcast called Innovation Meets Leadership that is listened to in over 80 countries. She also hosts a podcast called Thrive Today for women in leadership. This year she authored her first book, "Set It On Fire: The Art of Innovation”.

Natalie has collaborated on two approved US patents and has over 20 years of experience leading product development, strategy, and innovation teams working globally in over 18 countries.

Natalie has worked with organizations such as CareerBuilder, First Data, IHG, and ADP, leading major initiatives in over 18 countries.  Prior to Consulting, Natalie held roles as VP of Innovation and Senior Vice President of Business Development.

Natalie is married to Aaron and they have two wonderful girls.

Follow Natalie: @innovationmeetsleadership on Instagram, Facebook, or Linkedin or head over to for more innovation resources.  

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Signature Topics

The Power of Body Language: Have you ever wanted to understand the Art & Science of Body Language? How we dress, walk, and what we don’t say have meaning. Did you know body language even changes slightly from one generation to the next? In this interactive session you will learn how to read non-verbal communication among family, friends, and even strangers. After all, our nonverbal communication is constantly speaking even when we are not. You will learn how to ensure your body language matches the message that you want to communicate. You will laugh and learn in this fun and interactive session.

Set it On Fire: The Art of Innovation: This breakout session is inspired by the book "Set it On Fire: The Art of Innovation." Prepare to ignite your imagination as we delve into the transformative power of disruptive innovation. In this session, we will explore how to challenge the status quo, break free from conventional thinking, and set your ideas on fire to create meaningful impact. Through interactive discussions, real-world examples, and hands-on activities, you will learn how to embrace calculated risk-taking, overcome obstacles, and unleash your creative potential. Leave this session ready to set the world ablaze with your groundbreaking ideas and create a lasting impact in your industry.

When Innovation Meets Leadership: When it comes to leadership, what separates good versus great? One of the most important attributes of an Innovative Leader is the ability to see around corners. While great leaders recognize current events in their industries, they also have the ability to anticipate future trends. They don’t sit back and wait for market forces to come; they anticipate those forces and respond in advance. Join us as we talk about failing forward, taking risks, and stepping out into the unknown! Come on in the water is just fine.

Innovation is about Brilliant Teams:  Most organizations desire to create an innovation culture but they don’t know how to begin the journey. In the dot com days, it felt easy to point to the “innovation culture” by whether or not they invested in foosball tables, free snacks, and great work-from-home policies. But today, a true innovation culture really speaks to whether or not people feel safe to share and evolve their ideas rapidly in front of others in the organization, whether or not they can fail and learn from that failure, and their ability to quickly move from ideation to execution. Join us as we learn how good innovators draw from the wisdom of the team!

What Kills Innovation:  As a facilitator and consultant, I am constantly pushing people to get their ideas out and up where we can visually see them. Because sometimes the most innovative ideas are buried and they have to be surfaced. Oftentimes, what happens in meetings is people’s ideas get shut down. Someone laughs at them, calls them silly, or they tell them all the reasons that idea will not work. Worst yet someone yells out - “we’ve tried that before”. This can foster three reactions in a meeting depending on who is around the table:

  • Fight - People fight harder for their ideas to be heard
  • Freeze - People shut down and stop participating
  • Flight - People find a way to work outside the system

So how do we change this dynamic that seems to happen so often in meetings and how can we foster rapid innovation and collaboration within a group of people? Join us to find out how.


"Writing a testimonial for Natalie Born is effortless. It was clear that Natalie took time to learn about our association and its members prior to her presentation as she flawlessly tailored her presentation to meet the needs of our members. She was captivating and made our members feel at ease, which was evident by the way they interacted with her when appropriate. I would highly recommend Natalie to any company or organization that is looking to bring in a professional to spearhead a discussion on innovation in the workplace."

- Kimberly Campuzano, Director of Corporate Engagement, Club Management Assocation of America 

"Natalie presented in such a conversational style and made the environment an easy one in which to share thoughts and ideas. I was inspired not only by her story but also by the magical way she helped us to share our dreams along with a kickstart tool for achieving them!"

- Pamela Holz, Executive Director, Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) Tennessee

After an initial introduction call with Natalie, it was a no-brainer to have her as one of our speakers for our Small Business Series. She made the topic of innovation enjoyable and easy to learn. In her interactive workshop, our attendees were able to take her concepts and apply them to their own businesses and even their everyday lives. Her workshop was a great value add to our members. We can’t recommend Natalie enough!

- Candy Rodriguez, Coordinator, Small Business Services, Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce

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