Natalie Born

Consultant, Author, Keynote Speaker, Podcaster

Natalie Born is a Principal Consultant with Arch + Tower, a keynote speaker,  and the host of a top 25 innovation podcast called Innovation Meets Leadership that is listened to in over 80 countries. She also hosts a podcast called Thrive Today for women in leadership. This year she authored her first book, "Set It On Fire: The Art of Innovation”.

Natalie has collaborated on two approved US patents and has over 20 years of experience leading product development, strategy, and innovation teams working globally in over 18 countries.

Natalie has worked with organizations such as CareerBuilder, First Data, IHG, and ADP, leading major initiatives in over 18 countries.  Prior to Consulting, Natalie held roles as VP of Innovation and Senior Vice President of Business Development.

Natalie is married to Aaron and they have two wonderful girls.

Follow Natalie: @innovationmeetsleadership on Instagram, Facebook, or Linkedin or head over to for more innovation resources.  

Signature Topics

"Writing a testimonial for Natalie Born is effortless. It was clear that Natalie took time to learn about our association and its members prior to her presentation as she flawlessly tailored her presentation to meet the needs of our members. She was captivating and made our members feel at ease, which was evident by the way they interacted with her when appropriate. I would highly recommend Natalie to any company or organization that is looking to bring in a professional to spearhead a discussion on innovation in the workplace."

- Kimberly Campuzano, Director of Corporate Engagement, Club Management Assocation of America 

After an initial introduction call with Natalie, it was a no-brainer to have her as one of our speakers for our Small Business Series. She made the topic of innovation enjoyable and easy to learn. In her interactive workshop, our attendees were able to take her concepts and apply them to their own businesses and even their everyday lives. Her workshop was a great value add to our members. We can’t recommend Natalie enough!

- Candy Rodriguez, Coordinator, Small Business Services, Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce

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