Dr. Roger Parrott

President of Belhaven University, Speaker, Consultant, Author of The Longview and Opportunity Leadership

Roger is one of America’s most experienced university presidents, leading Belhaven University, a doctoral level institution, highly regarded as one of only 36 schools in the world working at the highest level of collegiate Arts programs. Belhaven was named in 2021 to “Best University to Work For” by the Chronicle of Higher Education, and Roger was recognized as one of “The 10 Most Visionary Education Leaders of 2021” by Education Magazine.

For a quarter-century he served in board leadership roles with Lausanne Movement and The Mission America Coalition and was chairman of the 2004 Forum for World Evangelization. He is the author of Opportunity Leadership: Stop Planning and Start Getting Results, and The Longview: Lasting Strategies for Rising Leaders.

Roger has been a sought after consultant to over 100 different ministries, and has experience serving on boards of international, national, and local ministries and non-profits, as well as higher education leadership organizations.

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Signature Topics

Lead for Opportunities: Learn to lead for opportunities that will prepare your team to catch the wind of God.

Lead for Change:  Learn to lead for change and live to tell the story.

Lead for Fulfillment: Learn how each stakeholder can embrace your mission, welcome accountability, and be fulfilled the work God has given them.


"Roger's excellent presentation on Opportunity Leadership at our Annual Meeting rang the bell. Several presidents expressed to me personally that this was exactly what they needed. One president exclaimed, 'Free at last!'. From time to time, leaders must step back from their routines and educational habits to ask serious questions about what is or is not working. That's what Roger has done and the biblical answer for planning that pushes us to listen and look to God opens fresh doors of possibilities and golden opportunities. His insights and examples provide a clear path forward for leaders burdened with the responsibility of institutional planning and articulates what many have felt but have not found the words to express. I'm very grateful for his inspired and visionary leadership."

David Medders, Executive Vice President, Association for Biblical Higher Education 

"Roger Parrott is one of the most impressive leaders I’ve ever met. And now he shares his unconventional insights to provide all of us a guide to be more impactful leaders for the kingdom. “The plan is that there is no plan” is not just a provocative philosophy, but Roger shows how he created one of the most innovative universities in the country with this approach. Read this important book and let the tailwinds of God’s sovereignty power your leadership strategy".

Michael Moe, Global Silicon Valley Founder/CEO; author of The Mission Corporation

"With the speed of change, the days of crafting long-term strategic plans are rapidly evaporating. Leaders today have to remain nimble as navigating the unexpected is the new normal. Roger Parrott's philosophy of Opportunity Leadership challenges leaders to abandon traditional planning practices to become leaders who seek God and are responsive to what He is directing and doing".

Tami Heim, President and CEO, Christian Leadership Alliance

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