Carmen LaBerge

​Host of Mornings with Carmen LaBerge, Executive Director of The Common Ground Christian Network, Speaker, Writer, Host, author of Speak the Truth: Bring God Back into the Conversation

Carmen LaBerge is a passionate Christian communicator whose energy, intellect and unique way of connecting the eternal with the everyday inspires her daily radio audience and readers of her book and blog to walk their faith out into the world in ways that honor Jesus. Carmen has an M.Div. from Princeton, 20 years experience in congregational, parachurch and media ministries, is nationally respected by those who share her evangelical faith and those who do not because Carmen communicates with both truth and grace. Her quick wit and turn of phrase sets mental hooks in the minds of listeners and pierces the heart where appropriate conviction is needed. Equipping for conversational apologetics is her forte which means she can bring the Gospel to bear on the issues of specific concern to you and your audience. Carmen lives west of Nashville on a big farm with her husband Jim, kids, chickens, dogs and cows. She's rich in Christ and shares generously of His Spirit.

"Carmen, today's news is so lacking in love and unity. Your program gives me hope the God is still able to turn our hearts and minds in His direction and right the boat. Amen."


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