Alan Fadling

Award Winning Author | President and Founder of Unhurried Living, Inc | Leadership Consultant

Alan Fadling (M. Div., Fuller Theological Seminary) is President and Founder of Unhurried Living,Inc. in Mission Viejo, CA. He writes and speaks as an expert in the challenge of hurry in contemporary life and work and how to overcome it. Alan consults and coaches leaders and their organizations in the U.S. and around the world (in ten nations so far), helping them work towards long-term productivity that lasts rather than settling for quick fixes that don’t.

Alan is the award-winning author of five books including An Unhurried Life, An Unhurried Leader, A Year of Slowing Down, and his forthcoming book A Non-Anxious Life. He lives in Mission Viejo, California with his wife, Gem, and has three adult sons.

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Signature Topics

Overflow Leadership: How to Lead from Abundance

Too often, our leadership can feel like giving away the little we have left. But what if leadership in the ways of God was an expression of fullness rather than emptiness. How do you learn to receive from God what you give to others? 

How Do Leaders Actually Grow? Learning the Ways of Maturity

What does a mature leader actually look like? Is it measured in knowledge? In skills? In experience? Yes, and more. Here we’ll explore the processes by which we cooperate with how God enables us to grow in maturity as leaders. 

Working for God

Leaders who see their work as a facet of their life in God are hungry to experience evidence of the divine in what they do. How do we experience our work as leaders as more of a collaboration with God rather than an assignment from God. How do we engage the work entrusted to us by God as a way of expressing deeper friendship with God? 


"Everyone needs a voice of wisdom in their life, and for many people one of the most trusted voices belongs to Alan Fadling".

-Richella Parham

"In a world that privileges hustle and hurry, we need thoughtful,soulful guides for gospel living that shape us into fruitful Christians".

-Ashley Hales, author of A Spacious Life

“An Unhurried Life unearths our idol of efficiency and the incessant struggle to catch up, keep up and stay up with the velocity of our high-energy world. Fadling invites us into a counter cultural way of being present to God and one another."

- Stephen A. Macchia,author of Crafting a Rule of Life

"As my own leadership responsibilities have significantly increased in recent years, I can only say 'many thanks!' to Alan for offering such timely, rooted, and integrated vision of the very real possibilities that exist for leaders who choose an unhurried life.”

- Mindy Caliguire, founder, Soul Care

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