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Julie Shaffner

Julie understands the power of the spoken word and the influence each person carries, and it is her passion to activate and accelerate connections to elevate voices that need to be heard. With the ability to see the unseen, she intentionally cultivates global relationships in order to create opportunities for impact. 

Julie develops and represents leaders in the corporate, non-profit and ministry space through customized coaching and consultation, platform development, speaking engagements, book launches and strategic connections made on their behalf. Julie realizes that stewarding the influence of leaders with excellence takes depth of insight, clear vision, fearless advocacy and great attention to detail. Most important are the relationships and trust developed along the way.

Her previous roles in both the corporate and non-profit world provided opportunities for leadership in communications, event planning, sales strategies and business development. Julie’s work in the Middle East and South America have expanded the global mindset and cultural awareness that inform her work today.

With a degree from Furman University, Julie is married with two children in college and one in high school. She lives in Atlanta, GA.

Jessica Lalley

Jessica has a gift for connecting people. She helps leaders of all ages and stages in their careers clarify their message, elevate their platform, and accelerate their influence. Providing strategic consulting and access to industry-wide professional connections, Jessica coaches and equips leaders to steward their influence and accelerate their work.

Jessica has been on teams of Fortune 500 companies, start-ups as well as leading fundraising for local and international non-profits and ministries.  She is an expert at maximizing media presence, producing memorable events and fundraising strategies, and representing organizations, authors and speakers. Areas of expertise include social media strategy, intentional networking and customizing out-of-the-box, results oriented solutions.

With a degree from Clemson University she now serves her alma mater as a member of the Marketing Advisory Board of the Powers College of Business, mentoring students and helping them see their full potential.

Jessica lives in Atlanta, GA and is married with two college-aged children.